Jojo Cheung
is a secretary and a travel lover who is now based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

After she completed her Private Secretary Diploma she began travelling all over the world to gain work experience. She travelled all over Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, and Beijing.

She has work experience from worldwide chains of Hotels, Travel Agency, International Airways, Worldwide Trading Companies, a Law Firm, a Bank, the Financial field and also in Children's Education Funds.

Her most memorable experience was working under The Earl of Cromer (Former Viscount Errington)

Her next goal is to travel to Europe to further her English study and gain live experience of the world, and to enjoy life to it's fullest.

Jojo’s Interest:
- Student of Broadway Ballroom Dance, BC. Canada
- Student of Colours of Dance Academy BC. Canada
(previously the Chen Ling Academy of Dance)
- Member of the Chinese Performing Arts Society of Canada.

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